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My experience with overstay undesirable status:I am a USA citizen & Peace Corps Volunteer and I was serving in Lesotho when I had an accident & broke several bones. I was transported to Bloemfontein where I was hospitalized for 5 weeks before returning to the USA to complete my recovery. When I initially crossed the Lesotho-South Africa land border, ...


There doesn't seem to be an issue with you taking a car from Vancouver and returning it in the US. Just did a search on Kayak picking up in Vancouver Airport and dropping off in SeaTac airport and the major rental companies are happy to oblige even though it's getting a bit pricey.


You may not need to go to Canada. There is an application to "extend or change" nonimmigrant status: http://www.uscis.gov/visit-united-states/change-my-nonimmigrant-status-category/change-my-nonimmigrant-status. There is a list of visa categories that are ineligible for this; E visas are not listed. See ...

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