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The Immigration Advice & Rights Centre has a pdf document on Visitor Visas, including the 651. Essentially, you have to be able to prove to the immigration officer that you have the intent to return home. ONE of the means of doing so includes having a purchased return ticket, showing that you're leaving the country on day x. Most countries have this ...


For a truly educational, fascinating, harrowing & overwhelming experience, Changi museum in Singapore is probably among the very best. Much more below, but first ... I find I'm drifting towards crying as I write this - somewhat but not totally to my surprise. I'll note up front, as it may otherwise not be obvious, that I try to consider all races as ...


TL;DR: You're fine. Making a false declaration to an immigration authority is a big deal and can back to haunt you if you are caught. However, "character grounds" refers to have a criminal record, which you do not have. So you have not lied to the Australian government. Making a false declaration to a university can get you expelled from that university, ...


Well I just called an agent from the study abroad office in Singapore, and she said it won't matter because " character grounds " meant something serious like a criminal offence, whereas I was rejected a visa for academic reasons ... Still , on the university application form itself I said no to the question " have you ever been refused a visa "

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