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You're not the first to wonder, and there are already websites set up for such plans! RVWorldWide has an exchange/swap program, and indeed there are Aussie and American listings on there. It would be worth a post. MotorhomeHolidaySwap is growing, it only has 1700 members, but these are actively trying to swap for holidays around the world, so does sound ...


No, it won't be a problem. This is a common enough situation that visa processing officers will have seen it before, just enter your names exactly as they're listed in the passport. See also: In which countries are the visitor's first name and last name compulsory?


As long as you are residing legally in the country you can apply for a visa to Pakistan: Applicants holding passports other than Australia/ Fiji Passport should provide proof of their residential status in Australia/Fiji. Their passports must contain the appropriate entry. All others should apply for visa in their country of origin. From the ...


Other good and free views not yet mentioned include: Cremorne Wharf Balls Head, Waverton Larkin St Lookout, Waverton Bradley's Head (Ideas courtesy of a great write-up by Ilya Genkin.)


Sydney's a bit too flat to have any mountains with CBD views; instead, I'd head across the water! From the west side of Darling Harbour near the Maritime Museum and the Star Casino, you'll get the Hong Kong-from-Kowloon-style "skyscraper view" of the CBD. This is particularly impressive at sunset, when the sun setting in the west catches all the glass ...


One little known option is Blue Bar on 36, at the Shangri-La hotel, close to Circular Quay. It's on the 36th floor, is pretty smart (but have been in there in smart-casual) and the drink prices are horrendous, but there's nothing stopping you going up for a look. It's free to enter. (source: Lonely Planet article) You get a view down on the Opera House, ...


I think right now the cheapest way would be to fly with Norwegian from Scandinavia somewhere to Bangkok (from 184 EUR), then with continue with AirAsia to Melbourne (164 EUR), so 350 EUR so for a single fare. To Perth might be a bit cheaper.


Whether you are allowed to drive it without taking a test depends on the weight of the van you will be driving. If it's classed as a heavy vehicle then you will need to complete a theory and practical test. If it is classed as a light vehicle then you can drive on your UK licence for 3 months after which you must change your licence to an Australian licence. ...


Yes, you should be fine. Light/small delivery vans are considered the same class of vehicles as cars (e.g. SA, Vic) and you're generally allowed to drive on an English-language overseas driving license in Australia (check the individual states rules if you're concerned).

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