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I withdrew 1,200 Real from Bradesco today with no Bradesco fee! Banco de Brasil would earlier not even give me 800 Real. So, Bradesco wins in my limited tests. By the way, a few weeks ago I think Bradesco limited me to 800, so this might be a special Olympics bonus...I wonder if I could get even more than 1,200 now (I have not yet tried for more).


I only went to a small number of ATMs, but had no issue using my American magstripe cards on them.


You really don't need to use lots of cash. Most locals deals in credit cards for everything, they are a lot safer. Sometimes even hotdog carts accepts credit cards, Taxi/Uber will gladily accept credit cards. Just keep R$ 300,00 in your pocket/day in case there are too many tourists queuing in an ATM or for small expenses like bus tickets or popcorn. ATM ...

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