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Citibank have an account now that has no ATM withdrawal fees for foreign banks. The ATM themselves may charge you, but Citibank won't. This seems a good replacement for the old 28degrees card. Note that this is a savings card so you need to have transferred money onto it before you can use it.


From both personal experience and Internet forums, there are multiple ATMs at Ben Gurion airport in Tel-Aviv. I've even managed to find a photo of one ATM in the arrivals zone:


I'm currently in Chile and have withdrawn money on several occasions. So far, once I've aborted my withdrawal because the machine told me it was going to charge for my withdrawal. This, while, later, an ATM from the same bank did not charge. I've tried with 3 or 4 different banks. This suggests to me that ATM withdrawal fees depend not on the bank, but on ...

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