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Google on "half-buried armenian monastery" gives WikiTravel page on Northern Armenia. There I found Haghpat Monastery. Google images confirms.


Here's some first hand experience (I visited the region a few weeks ago). Visiting Armenia is not a problem for Azerbaijan, nor is it the other way around. What is a problem, is having a visa for Nagorno-Karabakh (NKR) in your passport when you want to visit Azerbaijan. Indeed, at best, you will not be let in to Azerbaijan. It is said that NKR has no ...


According to this blog, you should try to avoid visit both countries with the same passport. If you get two passports (Israel and USA, for example), try to get into one country by one of them, and to other with other passport (as author of the blog did). The main problem is possible visiting of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. It is a crime in Azerbaijan (illegal ...


Haghpat monastery located in the north of Armenia.


There are no direct train connections between Armenia and Iran (Wikipedia,Iranrail.net) If you can make it to Jolfa or Tabriz, you can take a train from there.


Even if Iran's neighbouring countries have good relations with Iran, the question is whether the banking system in the neighbouring countries is liable to the sanctions. Cash withdrawals through ATMs between different banks are handled through interbank networks, many of which exist as standalone networks within a country (as the Wikipedia article linked ...


Mileage varies related to the traveler's nationality, but I entered Armenia from Georgia just three weeks ago and got a 6 euro visa at the border without any problems. I was traveling on a Dutch passport. Danes and Germans crossing the border at the same time as me also easily got their visa at the border for the low price of 6 euros. The visa fee was ...


From the official timetable of Georgian Railways. There is a train #202/201 Tbilisi - Yerevan which leaves at 8:20pm and arrives 7am. This train leaves Tbilisi on odd dates such as was yesterday and when you have 31 days in a month skips the 1st. This train will go back the next day such today leaving Yerevan at 10 pm and arriving to Tbilisi at 9 am EDITED ...


Hertz does, although I haven't tried myself. You can check Hertz's Armenian website (in English), where you'll also get the price and be able to book this exact service. Hertz's Terms and Conditions even has a special section on renting in One Direction specifically for Georgia.


From my experience I will like to advise you NANIKO car rental in Armenia. You can rent a car in Yerevan and leave it in Tbilisi. Also as I compared early (5 month ago) NANIKO was cheapest, so highly recommended.


If you go to http://images.google.com, then click on the camera icon in the right of the search box, you can enter the url of an image or upload one to search with it. Using this you can usually find the answer in 2 seconds. It gives this page, and tells you that it is the Haghpat Monastery. Hopefully this will be helpful in the future, and to others.


Numerous carriers fly to Yerevan: Armavia, AirFrance, Lufthansa, Iran Air, Czech Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Aeroflot and the like. Yerevan is connected to all major European and Middle Eastern cities: London, Paris, Amsterdam, Athens, Moscow, Vienna, Berlin, Prague, St Petersburg, Zurich, Minsk, Riga, Kiev, Istanbul, Dubai, Aleppo, Tehran, Beirut and so ...


The train runs from Tbilisi on odd days of the month and from Yerevan on even ones.


I've done this at least twice and there's a new way now since I was last there. Basically there were two border crossings between Turkey and Georgia, but a third one has now opened too. The only problem is how adventurous you are. Because there is only public transport across the major cross on the Black Sea. I've crossed from Georgia to Turkey twice from ...


I would not dismiss flying entirely. It is not necessarily more expensive than overland travel and you will save a lot of time that you can spend elsewhere. Travel overland from Istanbul to Georgia and then to Armenia. Travel back from Armenia to Tbilissi. Then fly back to Istanbul. For a departure in one week from now (1st of July 2015) the prices for a ...


Actually visiting NKR is a crime in Azerbaijan, but you won't get in any kind of problem in Armenia because of visiting Azerbaijan. I visited Armenia with a friend who had an Azerbaijani visa in his passport and in Armenia they asked a couple of questions regarding his visit from Azerbaijan in front of us, then they let him go (I'm an armenian from Iran and ...


Besides taking the train as @Karlson points out, there are also multiple daily connections by minivan between Yerevan and Tbilisi. I think this took about 7 hours last time I did the journey. Then, from Tbilisi there are trains and busses that can take you to Batumi. I seem to remember there are overnight trains, but a bus is much faster. I don't remember ...


Obviously some aspects of weather can't be predicted, and will vary from day to day. However, you can give yourself a guide and estimate by considering general conditions, and other climbers' past experiences. For a past experience in October, I recommend having a look at this blog: The first of October aka. the day I finally climbed the north summit of ...

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