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In general, from all my travels, it has been very inconsistent. It varies from airline to airline and country to country. I don’t have an answer to your question, but have some alternative solutions. Though your inquiry about a bus ticket is something I haven't investigated as it is not always easy to get a bus ticket over the internet in many countries. If ...


Short answer After a bit of searching all I can say is it's conflicted. You can book a bus to be on the safe side, it lessens your chances of being refused but it's no guarantee either. As @user35350 mentioned, I remember I had to buy my bus tickets in Argentina as they were not available over the internet so keep that in mind. Long answer Consular answer ...


For Philippine passport holders, it is possible to get a visa for Argentina while in Brazil. I did this before and it can be expedited same day process. People in the Argentina embassy in Brasilia were very helpful.

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