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I've flown directly over the north pole on a route from ATL to PEK (beijing). Here's a pic of the seatback flight map from a United 747, where I spent the entire flight with my face pressed to the window. Amazing scenery from Hudson Bay north through Baffin Island and on. It was July of 2008. When we crossed the pole (as indicated in the flight map) the ...


I've actually just written a book called 'How to Get to the North Pole' so may be able to help. The first thing to note is that there are several different north poles. The one most commonly referred to is the Geographic North Pole but if you consider the Magnetic North Pole as a viable alternative then that opens up a couple of other options. The North ...


In order to fly over the north pole (or more broadly just the Arctic), you'd have to travel to a city that is approximately across the globe as then the shortest distance would go over the north pole. You can try out which cities satisfy this criterion with the distance tool of Google maps. One possible route is for instance from the Middle East to the ...


There are some companies that offer trips to the north pole on ice breakers. They're not very economical, though. Here's one of several that came up on Google: Quark Expeditions The 2013 trip takes about two weeks and costs $24,000 not counting your expenses to get to Helsinki and get home again from Helsinki afterwards.


An other alternative is to fly to Longyearbyen in Svalbard and then use the chopper service to visit North pole from around 15000 Euros. This is cheaper than the cruise trip.


Some companies offer trips to the North pole. For example Hauser Exkursionen. This is a well established company that offers all kind of excursions from the north pole, to the Mount Everest or a desert. Unfortunately the information is in German, but I think it is possible to understand a little bit of it. Hauser Exkursionen However, as you can see, it is ...


I can't say for sure about the prices, as all the touristic expeditions are made in April - the safest time to travel there, and currently all the companies can't say anything about prices (you know, crisis, and so on). The best option (according to the website quality and feedback from tourists) for you is Polar Expeditions Ltd., London, UK, but still ...


Building on @user34936's answer, it seems Condor's direct flight between Frankfurt-am-Main and Anchorage could fit the bill.


I have been thinking about the same trip for many years but not managed to do it. I expect the road trip itself to be spectacular enough to be worth it. Here are a couple of things I would like to see myself and some I digged up right now. North of Mo i Rana (where you enter Norway) is Svartisen, one of the biggest glaciers in Norway. Photo by gordontour. ...


One popular place for hiking and nature views—as far as Finland's peaks go—is the Saana fell. It's located far in Finland's northwestern "arm", close to the point where the Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian borders meet. (On the other hand, at that point you'll surely have seen far more impressive views while driving up the Norwegian coast.) There are also ...


Often trips to North Pole start at Spitsbergen which is mostly Norway(one village is Russian), with one note - they are either helicopter or airplane trips and costs sthm like 15000 euro. If you would like to travel from Russia then icecutter is your choice and it is much more expensive(though longer) starting from 24000 USD and to infinity 8)). Here is link ...


A trip to the North Pole will not be "economical," BY DEFINITION. Hence, you might have a hard time finding one that meets your needs. That's only partly because going there is inherently expensive. In most "civilized" parts of the world, there is the potential for cheap "deals," because the "full cost" has already been paid by someone ELSE. That is, a home ...


Not sure about the cheapness of this but here are the options: North Pole Expeditions Wikitravel According to Wikitravel getting there would run $18-$25k. The Arctic Expeditions doesn't provide the price but the only thing that they do state is that the Dog sled tour starts from Norway.


I found an interesting site that lists a lot of companies and sites that allows you to become a passenger on a freighter. The thing is that there are no direct routes from Norway that I can find to anywhere in North America. The best I was I able find was routes operated Hamburg Sud from Rotterdam to multiple ports in Norway and from Rotterdam to multiple ...


Obviously the exact 'north pol'e could be as big or small as you wanted - is it a pinpoint spot that you must fly over, or a larger area, for example. Wikipedia now has a list of polar flights today, as defined officially as polar flights. However, it's also worth noting that the definition of 'polar flights' has changed: The American Federal Aviation ...


How close to the north pole do you want to be? Since it is just a where the Earth's axis of rotation meets its surface, you'd have to be pretty lucky to fly directly over it :) Besides, transcontinental flights usually try to take advantage of the jet stream, so I think you'd be better off renting your own plane and crew.


While this may be out of date but there is bad news: Polaris is moving to Sakhalin, so whatever routes it used to run are no longer being serviced by MSCO

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