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You can book an "Underground Bunker Tour" here: Berliner Unterwelten. There are several options to see bunkers or subway tracks that ran from east to west with underground checkpoints at the fromer border. There is also the Gesundbrunnenbunker where you can book a tour. And you can see the Flakturm in the Humboldthain near by.


It takes about 50 minutes to get there and you have to change from subway to bus and then walk for a quarter of an hour. This wil cost you EUR 4.81 one way. Muiden is too small a place to spend more than a couple of hours, so you'll probably want to return to Amsterdam. Hiring a bicycle will cost you about 8 EURO. See ...


Looks like it was built in 1902 and is the original (generation 1 building). It's only open on the 12th and 13th of September every year - anniversary of his death.

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