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Here it is, on Street View. This structure is a load-testing structure planned to be part of Hitler's triumphal arch.


The caption on this online version of the image at Getty Images says: Germany Berlin Tempelhof (Tempelhof-Schoeneberg) - load testing structure at General-Pape-Strass, built 1941 by Albert Speer, who wanted to test the load carrying capacity building ground for the planned triumphal arch of Hitler's GERMANIA project Google maps call it ...


This is Sun City Resort in South Africa, opened in 1979, specifically it's the Palace of the Lost City. There's some apartheid-era history to it (thanks @Andrew Grimm) but it's still open today. You can use a service like TinEye or Google image search to search for pictures like this on the Internet, then from there look for captions or any relevant text ...

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