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I went to the German LEGOLAND near Augsburg last September with my 4 children (21, 18, 13, 6). It was a day out together. We have all played with lego in the past but none of us are 'lego nerds'. The park was nice, the models well done and there are some nice rides. However, all in all, I would say that the age limit is around 12-13. My older ones didn't ...


There has been a precedent set for Legoland denying entry to a senior who tried to visit without being accompanied by a young child. (This was at a Legoland Discovery Centre in Ontario, not a Legoland amusement park.)


The "craziest" rides in Legoland Denmark are: Polar X-plorer. Top speed of 65 km/h, 16m drop; X-treme Racers. Top speed of 60km/h, also 16m drop; Ice Pilots School, quite unique experience of being on a shaker ;-) Rest of the rides are quite soft. I've enjoyed Legoland as relaxed family holiday. Indeed I feel that the park is best suited for families ...


If it helps, two couples I know, both in their early 30s went a couple of years ago (to the one in the UK). One especially is lego mad, and everyone loved it. Evidently the place is arranged at different levels. So while kids might just enjoy that it's Lego, adults can engage in the hunts, the themes and more. A review of some of the rides of the UK one ...


Given your restrictions on transportation namely public transportation your choices are limited to: Victoria Gardens Luna Park Adventurers Park All located in New York City.


Six Flags Great Adventure is a very large amusement park and perhaps the most obvious choice. Google says it is 1:06 away from Union City by car. There are smaller parks closer to Union City which may be better for younger kids, e.g. Bowcraft. Your choice depends a bit on your group...

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