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Namibian citizens can transit in any airport of the Schengen area (including Amsterdam Schiphol) as long as they remain “airside”. You should in particular make sure that you don't need to collect and recheck your luggage as this can create problems (if you booked both flights together with a full service airline and the layover isn't too long this should ...


As far as I understand, no, you do not. According to the Dutch consulate (link to Indian embassy, but it's irrelevant): List of countries whose citizens are required by all the Schengen states to possess an airport transit visa when they are in the international transit area of airports in the territory of Schengen states: AFGHANISTAN ...


IDbus, Sofia Bus and Megabus all have a bus line between Amsterdam and Brussels. If you want to find the schedule with the cheapest price, check out Busbud Amsterdam Brussels route. Best deals start at 15€ from what I read.


As you probably know, as an Egyptian citizen, you can transit without visa if you stay in the international arrival lounge. However, it will not be possible to leave the airport without Schengen visa and you will not be able to apply for such a visa at the airport.


I can't recommend the buses to anyone. They often get stuck in traffic, making it a tedious journey. I personally find hitchhiking more pleasant. But, if you make this journey regularly there are two good ways to spend much less on the train: use the Belgian Rail Pass. This gives you 10 rides in Belgium for one year. You can use one Pass with several ...

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