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The International Youth Hostel Association provides accommodation with meals provided and /or a kitchen where you can prepare your own food. Also a great opportunity of getting to know other guests. Book as soon as possible. Bruges is picturesque but not exactly alive and popping.


I had a quick look at the van Gogh Museum website, found a link to the restaurant and it says The café is open daily during museum opening hours and can only be accessed via the museum From that I read that you can only visit the restaurant as a ticket holding visitor. I have not opened the floor plan pdf, you will find a link to it on this page, but ...


My vague memory of the layout is that the cafe is inside the ticketed area. The floor plan seems to indicate that this is the case as well, but I'm not absolutely certain.


If Amsterdam has any place to sleep for €30 per night, grab it as soon as you sure you will travel there at the time. Double that is more likely and that only on early booking. I have no experience with Airbnb for Amsterdam, for all places I have checked their offers they came close to hotel prices, not hostels anymore. Amsterdam is one expensive city, I ...


I have now made the trip and can therefore answer my own question. Yes, they do let you take the earlier Thalys train, but you will not have a seat reservation, so the trip may be less comfortable. Taking the earlier train may be seen as a trade-off between time and comfort. Getting to the earlier train in time was easy as I suspected. It took me less than ...

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