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When you arrive in Amsterdam you will find (if still there) one ticket machine in the area where you collect your luggage. Which is very nice if you have to wait for your luggage to arrive, but not worth waiting any longer than you need for your luggage. When you leave the secure area you follow the signs for the train and you arrive in the main arrivals ...


Since you are using the Dutch transport service this often, you may consider buying an anonymous OV-chipcard (Dutch: "OV chipkaart"). Have it in with you and check-in once you are about to take the train. As indicated in its website its [current] price is €7,50. PROS: You can load a lot of credit once - say €50. This way, you will not have to buy the ...


Yes you can certainly buy them online on the Dutch Railways website. It's really just a train that happens to connect the airport, so you book it like any other train and print it at home before you go, make sure you carry an ID with the same name on the ticket


I have flown many times to Schiphol and using a Dutch passport I get out of the place in 30 to 45 minutes. The time you spend extra waiting at passport control is time you wait less for your luggage. Most of the time the line for 'all passports' is rather short but slow going. From the exit of the secure area (the green channel) to the train should not be ...


I have been there several times. Its quite simple to reach the train since its on the underground floor of the airport. You will find the escalators on the ground floor and it will transfer you to the trains. I would say it will take approximately 20 min. May be less if you are lucky :)


Difficult to predict exactly but it sounds fine. I have done it much quicker but I know the airport and my experience is mostly based on short-haul flights with no hold luggage. However, I always have the feeling planes taxi forever at Schiphol so even if your flight is on time and you actually land at 08.45, there will be some delay before you enter the ...

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