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So, the official response from KLM wasn't as ideal as we hoped, but I tweeted them and got this. My question: The Short Connection Lane (mentioned on your easy transfer video) - how many minutes before a flight does it appear in that lane? Thks! Their response: The short connection lane is available at Schiphol between Schengen and non-...


According to this image on flickr: The short connection lane opens 35 minutes before departure. However, I suspect this is tweaked somewhat depending on passenger load in other lanes.


The two items you see in the selection list are alternate names for the same station. Try asking for the schedule for trips from Amsterdam Airport to Schiphol Airport and you'll see what I mean. The site is unable to provide them. Alternately, compare the schedules for trips between one airport and another station to those for trips between the other ...


AMS is Schiphol airport in Amsterdam. It's called Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Search engines usually let you search either by the airport name directly, or by the city. The airport name is sometimes given as one, sometimes as the other, most of the time as a combination. Rail planners make this a mess more often than air search sites, as those mostly give ...

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