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Also you could arrange "special assistance" upfront with the airline, this is usually for handicapped or elderly people and they will wait with a wheelchair at the gate for her but they will guide her through everything.


I've travelled quite a bit in countries where I can't even read the script (Russia, the 'stans, Japan). At least I can read English, and sometimes they have English counter-signs. Of course, if you can't read it at all, then you start instinctively looking for other clues. Firstly, you may have noticed most airports use both words and pictograms. Little ...


I started writing a comment, but it became a bit much. And it contained several suggestions that fit as an answer. If your guest owns a phone, she can call you as soon as she lands, and you can guide her through the whole procedure of getting out of arrivals. Sure, she needs a phone contract that allows for roaming. Can she read Latin script? If so, either ...

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