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Yes, absolutely! The US has no exit immigration control (domestic and international flights use the same gates), so everyone Needs to clear immigration and customs and then departures security. This means you'll Need a C-1 (Transit) visa.


I just called as well. Here is what AA said:- -Transportation Vouchers can only be used on flights booked at least 12 days in advance. -The website won't give you the option to place a booking on hold if you are making a reservation less than 12 days. -They can book it over the phone without charging the 25$ reservation fee. -Good for one year. -Staff on ...


It depends on which Airline you use, like Qatar Airways ask you in advance to get an official permission from the card owner in case he is not flying with you, other airlines mostly in EU countries doesn't ask. so let us know which airline you are willing to use.

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