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American Airlines draws no distinction between miles earned from credit card bonuses, credit card spending, or any other partners (for the purposes of elite status asssignment it is a different story). An AAdvantage redeemable mile is an AAdvantage redeemable mile. Put another way, the miles you earn from the card go into the same co-mingled pot as the miles ...


These are just different tiers of rewards. Like most frequent flyer programs, AA has a tiered system where the Saver awards (the ones that you rightly note are not available) are cheaper, but go faster. Look at AA's reward chart for the most up to date info.


Promoting some comments to an answer Is it a sensible connection to do on two tickets? No Is it a sensible connection on a single ticket? Depends on the traveller If it is all on one ticket, then the airline in question will rebook you if you miss the connection for whatever reason. They will rebook you onto the next available flight. Not the word ...

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