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As per AA877 was fine on the 29th. It was on schedule, left Queen Beatrix Airport gate 7 at 04:34PM AST (one minute early vs schedule) arrived to Charlotte gate B16 at 08:21PM EDT (still one minute early). ...


i found a way that seems very reliable and is entirely online, for bookings made by AA: First, have tripcase (owned by Sabre) link to the AA-created itinerary: Go to (you might need to create an account and log in) Click Create New Trip Enter a name for the trip in the pop-up box and click Create Click Link a Booking (on the upper right) ...


Yes, it is correct. Airline partnership arrangements include this restriction as a matter of course. The point is to achieve reciprocity; allowing people to double collect (or more) would alter the economics of frequent flyer rewards, fundamentally changing their value.


As of April 2016, it looks like on-arrival visas are still available, but only for certain countries (US citizens can still get one, along with 35 other countries). From the Turkish e-Visa webpage: Q: I do not want to apply for an e-Visa. Can I get a visa ...

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