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Since your primary use for the SIM is for navigation, I would strongly advice you to get an offline maps app for your phone as other have suggested. From my personal experience, OsmAnd is perfect for Android devices. If you use iOS, consider buying the Pocket Earth app. I have used it on all my trips and found it to be the most accurate. It even has ...


For the iPhone: The "NavFree" navigation app comes with UK and Northern Ireland maps for free (about 500 MB), and you can download other European countries for £1.99. Do that at home with a good WiFi connection! Pocket Earth is more for tourist information, town maps etc. Enter places you want to visit anywhere, it downloads nearby maps, and it downloads ...


As long as you're biking within the EU, any SIM card with data should be sufficient. The EU limits roaming charges to 0.2 EUR per MB, billed per 1 KB. A-GPS consumes a few kilobytes of data to find the nearest satellite, so it won't cost much to stay connected. For further savings use one of the offline map apps for your phone.


Another option for (off-line maps) is OSMAnd on Android. You can download maps in advance (up to ten on the free version. After that you can log the data, or get directions without an active internet connection.


As @MeNoTalk mentioned in the comments, you don't need a SIM Card for GPS usage. I've done this several times in Germany or France. The cheapest option would be to visit any place with a public wifi connection (in your hotel or hostel would be best) and use that to cache maps on the Google Maps app. While this service is not available in some countries, ...

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