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Arguably cheapest ski resort in alps are in Slovenia. Kranjska gora or Vogel do not offer so much than others in austria, but still if you a beginner it Will be just ok. Of course for 30-40% less money:Info about Kranjska gora


The Website http://waymarkedtrails.org shows sign posted hiking trails. The data comes from OpenStreetMap.org It shows the logo used on the signs and indicates the difficulty of the hike with different line styles. And it features the requested green background.


The answers so far are already good, but I'd like to add a map for Switzerland: https://map.geo.admin.ch It's without doubt the best online map I've ever seen. It's amazing how detailed it is, and what kind of information you can shown on the map on demand, e.g. geomagnetic fields, employment density, or 4G antenna locations, but also more useful things ...


Here you go: Austria: http://www.amap.at France: http://www.geoportail.gouv.fr Germany, Bavaria: http://geoportal.bayern.de/bayernatlas (check box "Wanderwege") Italy: http://www.pcn.minambiente.it/viewer Switzerland: http://map.schweizmobil.ch (check boxes in "Wanderland") World: http://opentopomap.org

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