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Yup, at heiniken bar now. The only beer they sell is heiniken. They sell coffee and some food items. Well, it's called heineken bar.


I could not find the statutes which Tor-Einar Jarnbjo is referring to in his answer. As far as I know it is only illegal in Idaho for a minor to drive under the influence of alcohol. For North Dakota I reviewed the code sections 5-02-06 and 5-01-08(1) and did not find any prohibition for a minor to merely be intoxicated with alcohol. In general, all states ...


It depends on which US state she is returning to and yes, she may get in trouble. There are US states at the Canadian border not only prohibiting sales, purchase, possession or consumption of alcohol to or by underage persons, but also strictly prohibiting the state of actually being intoxicated, e.g. Idaho, Michigan and New Hampshire. Other states have ...


There is a difference between being arrested and being convicted of a crime. If a US police officer observed a drunken 19 year old, they might choose to arrest that person, suspecting them of having drunk under age. If the drunken teen blurted out "no, I drank in CANADA! It's totally fine!" I suspect the officer would pay little or no attention to it, though ...

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