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Alaska Direct and Alaska Shuttle / Yukon Trails seem to both list the route as a private transfer "charter only" for $500/person, you may want to contact them for more details.


Alaska Direct has had summer service between Tok and Whitehorse in years past (connecting with their Anchorage and Fairbanks routes). You might try emailing them and ask if they will do so next year. They are the only company that has ever done that route, so you will be limited to hitchiking if they have discontinued it permanently.


No, there's no "universal" policy restricting border crossings through Canada. U-Haul will rent you a truck to drive from Anchorage to Seattle, you can book a truck online at uhaul.com, thought it might be very expensive ($1700 US). And according to these guys (at least a few years ago) Avis would "occasionally do one-ways south at the end of the season, ...

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