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I'd be more concerned with the US not knowing you'd entered. Even at the border near Vancouver, there's no actual Canadian exit, you just pass the Canadian border and enter through US immigration - they want to know you've entered. In This is Me by Danny Wilks, who I know from Vancouver, he kayaked from Vancouver to Alaska. He had a problem where he ...


Alaska Direct has had summer service between Tok and Whitehorse in years past (connecting with their Anchorage and Fairbanks routes). You might try emailing them and ask if they will do so next year. They are the only company that has ever done that route, so you will be limited to hitchiking if they have discontinued it permanently.


Canada does not record the departure of US citizens, but assumes that you left in a timely fashion (same as the US does for Canadians). The only time an overstay would be recorded would be if you got caught in the country for whatever reason by police. But how do you propose to visit the rest of Alaska from Hyder? The Alaska Marine Highway ended ferry ...


Alaska Direct and Alaska Shuttle / Yukon Trails seem to both list the route as a private transfer "charter only" for $500/person, you may want to contact them for more details.


If you plan to leave the ship then you need a visa. If you stay on the ship, you may not need one. But best to ask the cruise line, as they may require all passengers to have documentation to visit all ports of call even if you don't plan on going ashore.


Yes, you need to apply for a Canadian visa. The length of the stay does not matter. Do I need a Canadian visa if I have a United States visa? Yes, you will still need a Canadian visa (temporary resident visa) to enter Canada. A visa from the United States does not permit entry to Canada. If you are a permanent resident of the United States ...

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