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No, you cannot. Frequent flyer programs are traditionally designed to reward the traveler, not the purchaser. They were a differentiator at a time when fares and routes were tightly regulated, and the high cost of tickets made non-business travel a rarity; most frequent flyer programs are still aimed at attracting business travelers, who fly more frequently ...


Airline miles are a currency, just like real money. Some miles have a larger worth then others. Just compare the earnings: A flight with Emirates from DXB to LHR oneway in first class earns 7500 Skywards miles, but only about 5200 Alaska Mileage miles.


Expertflyer's Flight Alert function allows you to receive an alert if a given fare class becomes available on a specified flight. Expertflyer is a subscription service but does have a short free trial period. The Flight Alert form allows you to create a Flight Alerts for a particular flight. A Flight Alert will periodically check the class code ...


TIMATIC thinks your Canadian passport cannot admit you because it's expired. "Passports and other documents accepted for entry issued to nationals of Canada must be valid on arrival." Whether you would actually be turned away is another matter, but a cautious airline would be unwise to board you in violation of the clear instruction there. However, TIMATIC ...

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