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It says pretty clear that the flight isn't eligible: To qualify for mileage accrual, flights must be marketed by KLM and must also fall within the eligible flight number range. Delta sells tickets on that very flight under its own flight code, for that you would be credited.


For US based customers with an Alaska Airline affiliated card, the companion fare is limited to Alaska Airline flights only. Your link indicated that maybe you are a Canadian card holder, but I would imagine the same rules would apply. But realistically, expecting a $99 companion fare on an international flight to Tahiti would be dreaming. ...


I ended up calling Alaska Airlines about something else so also asked about this question. Turns out it doesn't matter what the flight is marketed as, what matters is which airline is actually operating the flight. So they would give credits for all the flights listed in the question.


Alaska Airlines (AS) is a Qantas partner for mileage earning. Full details are on the Qantas site, but basically you'll earn 1 Qantas point per mile flown in most booking classes (but be sure to check your booking class to make sure!). You will NOT earn any Qantas Status Credits when flying with AS. As you've already flown you'll need to go through the ...

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