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Certainly Porter Airlines falls under this designation: they fly from a secondary airport (which is very rare in Canada), the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport. Also, instead of flying into Detroit airport they fly to Windsor -- there are only two non-seasonal scheduled flights from Windsor. Three from tomorrow because Porter adds a flight to ...


Specifically for Ryanair flights, you may try Ryalive. Marking this as community wiki because originally posted it in one of the duplicates.


Booking in advance at the airport will usually save you around the same amount as the $9 fare club, you can't get both discounts. This a great option for anyone who has easy access to one of their airport locations.


This is an excerpt from this and this answer of mine. See also this question and answers even though it is about to be marked duplicate. azair has very powerful search options (see the advanced options), including choice of return and departure day, length of stay, period within which the trip should happen and a range of departure and arrival airports. ...


There's an excellent option - go to any tourist bureau (HIS, JTB, etc.) and order tickets from there. They normally sell packages, such as tickets plus hotel and it is often way less expensive than booking tickets directly. The only issue with this option is that people in these establishments may not speak English.


When can flights be booked? Tickets go one sale twice a year on a fixed day common to all airlines. For example, tickets for flights from March 27 through October 29, 2016 all went on sale at 9:30am on January 27. The day when tickets go on sale is announced a couple weeks beforehand. The old system of selling tickets only from two months before departure ...


The reason is that there is no valid combination of fares that exist that can cover your desired route. Therefore there is no price for this itinerary. It is not for sale. Inspection of the KL fare tariff on AMS-BUD reveals the reason. Even the most expensive full flex business class fare has the following restriction: COMBINATIONS END-ON-END ...


Firstly - more for the benefit of anyone else in this situation in the future - Vietnam Airlines should rebook you for free if your flight is scheduled to depart earlier than planned: The same link also alludes to compensation for delays of over 4 hours; for the ...


Sounds like you want compensation for not seeing some sites in Vietnam. Were you on a package tour from a tour company that included the flights or a package tour from the airline? If it was a package tour, then you have grounds to ask for refunds for the missed activities. If you were doing your own thing, then they owe you nothing, as every airline's ...

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