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They are simply advertising, just the same as an airline may paint the logo of a sports team on an aircraft, or name it after a city. There is no other difference whatsoever, either in facilities or services, compared to the rest of the airline's fleet. There are several different Star Alliance livery schemes around, as a common design was not published ...


Each of the 3 major global airline alliances have some form of "North American Air Pass" : OneWorld Visit North America Star Alliance North America AirPass Skyteam Go USA and Canada These passes all have extensive conditions - generally they can only be purchased by a non-North American resident, and must be purchased in conjunction with an ...


I found this page that lists most of the different options for North American Air Travel Passes, including One World, Star Alliance, Sky Team, All American, Horizon and Alaska Air, US Air, and more. North America Air Pass Conveniently it also has links for around the world tickets, as well as passes in other parts of the world.

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