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After a lot of inconclusive research on the same question, here is a photo of a Rimowa Salsa Deluxe business trolley in the overhead of a United Canadair CRJ-200. It fits -- just barely -- into the space, and the overhead lid just barely closes over it. The dimensions of the Rimowa case are 16.1" x 16.1" x 8.1". But those dimensions need to be ...


Yes, the same flight number can be used to refer to multiple flights active at the same time. This happens fairly regularly if a flight is heavily delayed. The previous days flight may still be active the same time as the current days flight takes off. "Direct" Flights It is also fairly common that the same flight number is used to refer to more than one ...


I had a similar experience with a Southwest flight. Example: Flight 800 arriving in Phoenix at 2:10PM and Flight 800 departing Phoenix at 1:37PM...doesn't sound legal nor does it make sense if something should happen to one of the aircraft during that 33 minute time frame!! Shame on the airline for such confusion.


A clarification that might be helpful: exit row and bulkhead are two different things: exit row means just that: a row where there is an emergency exit (door or hatch). These almost always have extra leg room. Bulkhead seats are those that have a wall or divider in front. These may or may not have extra leg room. Some configurations have much less leg ...

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