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The ITA Matrix allows you to search by aircraft type, though this is an undocumented feature. In the Advanced Routing Language field, you would input /aircraft followed by the aircraft types, indicated with a t: and using the IATA equipment codes. For example, suppose I wanted to fly from Miami to Los Angeles and was very insistent that the flights be on ...


I'm unaware about flight search engines allowing you to specify the plane type. This is nevertheless interesting, and could indeed be a feature request for Skyscanner or similar engines. A possible strategy to circumvent this could be looking for airplane statistics. You mention the A380. According to Airbus, an increasing number of airlines are beginning ...


The requirement to present anything about travel arrangement derives from article 14(1)(c) of the regulation. What it says is (my emphasis): When applying for a uniform visa, the applicant shall present: (a) documents indicating the purpose of the journey; (b) documents in relation to accommodation, or proof of sufficient means to cover ...


I have found regardless of bag size AA will not allow any roller bags. They will Gate check. My computer bag is not small looking but fits under the seat. I have been with others whos bags are half the size of mine but due to them having rollers have been forced to gate check. This is their policy and no measuring is considered.

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