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You can enter your flight number/information and see your plane from the booking panel, SeatGuru, FlightAware, and many more sources.


Rome2Rio is designed to do precisely this. It covers flights (even low-cost carriers), many trains and busses (both local transit and private long-distance busses), even some ferries I think, and is able to combine them. Icing on the cake is its ability to include some “driving” (taxi/private car) to get to the closest train station or airport as necessary, ...


As far as I know, Rome2Rio does this the best, although I don't often search this way - probably would have if the site existed when I lived in Europe...but I digress. For example, if you want to go from Paris, France to Trogir, Croatia, without even specifying dates (although you can for prices), it shows a train + plane option, a train + bus option, and a ...

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