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Yes, you can have that experience in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (JED). The new airport is still under construction and most of the old airport uses stairs to board until now! Anyway, Two daily A380 flights operated by Emirates depart from JED to Dubai (DXB), one in the morning and one in the evening and passengers board these flights using stairs. This is an A380 ...


As far as I'm aware, at time of writing the only airlines that currently operate both the 787 and the A380 are British Airways and China Southern Airlines, although Etihad will be joining this rather exclusive club by the end of the year, and Korean Air, Singapore Airlines and Virgin Atlantic have all placed firm orders for both. That said, the obvious ...


This is going to vary strongly from carrier to carrier because as far as I can tell what really matters is how long it's been since the interiors were refurbished (a process airlines do one plane model at a time) and whether the route is considered important by the airline. Sure, you can make some overall opinions about narrowbody (one aisle) vs widebody ...


Personally, I wouldn't base my decision based on A330 vs 777 but on the Carrier's service and reputation, and their in-flight entertainment offering.


BA 276 (Hyderabad - London) B787 EK 30 (London - Dubai) A380 (flight of your choice) Dubai-Hyderabad Ideally you book London-Hyderabad on a single ticket connecting EK 30 with a flight of your choice, though it may be cheaper to connect to a LCC from Dubai

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