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Given your update of the question to the correct date of December 24th, 2014... Your flight departed around 2 hours and 22 minutes late. It has a normal scheduled flight time of just under 4 hours. According to the regulations set by the Indian Office of the Director General Of Civil Aviation (available here) the airline is required to provide "Meals and ...


The T3 Terminal is open throughout the night and you should easily be able to move around anywhere publicly accessible inside it. If you have a visa, you can just as easily go out. Since you mentioned you have a domestic flight, I'll assume you do have a visa. Unfortunately though, there is a lot of hustle and bustle due to international flight departures in ...


The Guide to Sleeping in Airports has an entry on DEL.


According to FlightAware (free account required to view) AI951 on December 25, 2014 left Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad roughly on-time, and arrived in Dubai at 22:53 GST, approximately 38 minutes beyond it's scheduled arrival time of 22:15 GST. Compensation is certainly not due for a 38 minute late arrival, regardless of what airline you ...


Air India will not provide overnight accommodation on this route. I think All Nippon were the last to offer such a service, but even they have stopped it now


TL;DR: You need to present your M&M account number at the check-in or apply for retroactive credit for a flight online at miles-and-more.com under the menu point "Mileage request". There is no real harm in registering at all the frequent flier programs where you are able to earn miles on. The airline has your data anyhow already once you take a ...


SAMS SNOOZE AT MY SPACE may be what you are looking for. Be advised though. IGI Airport like all airports in India restricts passenger movement. Some areas are strictly meant for international transfers only. Also, check out IGI's Aiport Hotel.


As you have a single ticket with all three airlines, then you should be OK for checking your bags through to Canada. But the best bet is to double check with Air India to make sure they have Interline Agreements with Emirates (they should have with Air Canada as both are part of Star Alliance). Assuming the Interline agreements are in place and your bags ...


Luggage Your best bet for information about luggage handling will be to ask the airline you will be checking in with. UK transit visa According to https://www.gov.uk/check-uk-visa: Transiting without a visa You might be eligible for ‘transit without visa’ if: you arrive and depart by air have a confirmed onward flight that leaves on the day you arrive ...

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