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As it is stated on the Mozambique High Commission's website and just about every other visa processing website ... "Applicants MUST submit the following" ... and that following list includes: Copy of flight itinerary; Hotel booking confirmation. So yes not having those two pieces will be a deal breaker. Most Embassies for African countries are sticklers ...


I also live in South Africa. I'm a keen hunter. The answer your question you can eat all game meat. Game meat is much healthier than normal meat. And if prepared right tastes better as well I've eaten girafe before. Its nothing funny, but most south africans just believe you can't eat it


There are no direct flights from those 3 countries. There are direct flights from Senegal and Nigeria, and these 2 countries have had a few cases of Ebola, but they are all of people who were in contact with people who've come from the 3 outbreak countries, the transmission is under control, and it's not spreading in the general population. Source: ...


A quick search from the capitals of the three countries to NYC or MIA shows no direct flights. Almost all of them stop in Morocco or somewhere in Europe, before continuing on to the US. However, and ignoring how effective a travel ban may or may not be on stopping Ebola, what it would consist of is written up quite well in this National Geographic article. ...

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