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The good news first - Delta do "interline" bags with Aeroflot, so she will be able to check the bags all the way through to Moscow. If the two flights are booked on the one ticket this should happen automatically. If they are on different tickets, then you will need to show a printout of the e-ticket when checking in with Delta. Either way, be sure to ...


There are currently three main airline alliances, Star Alliance, SkyTeam and OneWorld. Wikipedia provides a pretty good overview of carriers to alliances to save you having to check each alliance's website in turn. Have a look through that and see which one you've mostly been hitting. Also, be aware that carriers sometimes enter, leave or change alliances. ...


Last accident was at 2008 (more info) and it actually happened with their subsidiary company. There is great difference between domestic and international flights, second are much better both in terms of service and safety. I flew from Russia to NYC for 650$ and everything was perfect, I expected much worse.


It depends a lot on where you're flying. Also Aeroflot was a different airline pre 1991, when it got broken up into all the subsidiary ex-Soviet state airlines. So I'd concentrate on after that, as it also affected maintenance standards and the like. As far as timeliness of flights goes, it depends on your flight - but Flightstats has the details. ...


There is good news and not so good news. The good news is that because Delta and Aeroflot codeshare your daughters bags will be checked in directly to the destination. The not so good news is that Aeroflot is located in Terminal 1 and Delta flight will likely to arrive to Terminal 3. Delta does have a shuttle running between the terminals it operates in ...


Aeroflot has only one frequent flyer program - you spend money on Mastercard, and you gather the miles. At the some moment you decide to get your ticket, you are happy, and the cycle repeats. As Gagravarr said, Aeroflot is a SkyTeam member, and officially not permits the exchange of the bonus miles from other companies not from SkyTeam.


If the airport has a website it could be your best friend. In this particular case Kazan International provides this information (in Russian and English). Under section "For Passengers and Guests" there is a section of How to Get there with section specifically by Bus. It lists that there is a bus №97 which starts running at 5 am, though reading some of ...


I believe one can carry tripods on carry-on bags. But its advisable to fit that inside the luggage than strapped to backpack/camera bag. I've carried my tripod like this on two occasions. First time I traveled on Jet Airways - a domestic flight between Bangalore and Delhi. I packed that in a kit (one similar to sports bag) and a friend who was travelling ...


If it can fit inside a backpack it's definitely no problem. I've never had an issue with mine (strapped to the outside of my pack) on international flights. I've never flown on Aeroflot, Kingfisher Airlines or Air India before though.

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