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It should be possible but you would basically be looking at vacation rentals. You might have a hard time finding anything on the regular market. Even if you find something, it's not unusual for agent to ask for a fee (Provision) of up to two months rent when signing the contract, which would make the rent much higher if you only stay three months. On top of ...


I've stayed in a ton of inexpensive ryokans in the countryside. A low-end "ryokan" is basically the same thing as a "minshuku". I certainly wouldn't call them inauthentic. Indeed, sometimes the tatami and bedding were frayed, and the bath was not fancy -- but the service and food were good even at the cheap places.


You can own an house in Italy, read here for some taxes explanation (not really updated, ICI is now IMU) but pretty clear. BTW I strongly suggest you to use one of the many italian properties websites you can find on the Internet. They can follow you in the whole process.


Have you tried the classic websites like: AirBnB Booking.com Hostelworld Associazione Italiana Alberghi per la Gioventù (membership card needed, 2 euro yearly fee) I don't know of others big aggregators for northern Italy. Many hotels and B&Bs have their own website with prices published there, so you can try a Google search with hotel + name of the ...


Most hotels require all guests staying in the room to be registered, and will charge extra if more than the set number of guests is registered for the room. So you could register your sister and (I presume her) husband, however you could likely need to pay extra for the 3 guests - even though there will not be 3 guests there at the same time. Alternatively ...


Yup, Okinawa has lots of cheap lodgings, it's where all the Japanese hippies, surfers and dropouts go to hang out. ゲストハウス (gesutohausu, "guesthouse") and 安宿 (yasuyado, "cheap inn") are the usual terms. ¥1000/night is largely a Naha thing though, it's not going to be easy to find that elsewhere in Okinawa. Here's a handy listing of (close to?) all ...


I can't give a specific neighbourhood, because that largely depends on personal preference. I staying in Portero Hill and I would go there again, if I would visit SF again. The trick I can suggest it to search through airbnb for accommodation. On airbnb people are typically offering freespace as paid accommodation. Usually those are in residential areas, ...


In addition to Mark's suggestions, there's Bryn Bras Castle, 10 minutes drive from Snowdonia National Park and Caernafon. And also Glandyfi Castle on the southern edge of Snowdownia National Park.


If you are going to Scotland you can use http://www.hostel-scotland.co.uk/ for independent hostels and http://www.syha.org.uk/ for Scottish Youth Hostels (you don't have to be young to use these). For other countries you can use Hostelling International http://www.hihostels.com


There are actually several, as found in a quick google search. But one that matches your area certainly seems to be Bodelwyddan Castle. It is just under an hour from Chester, 10 minutes from the seaside town of Rhyl, and half an hour away from the Victorian Pier at Llandudno. A similarly close one is Ruthin Castle Hotel, although it's a bit closer to the ...

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