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It can be very hard to spot fake reviews for hotels on TripAdvisor. However, I just came across fake (duplicate) reviews and then fake reviewer accounts by accident. While reading many reviews for several different hotels in Plitvice Lakes Croatia, one unassuming positive review caught my eye because a detail (free wi-fi) conflicted with the hotel ...


Abelour - Craigellachie is kind of the heart of the matter as you'll likely want to go to the "major" items like Macallan. For another view, don't forget Scotland is both bonnie and pretty compact ... you could very much just stay in Aberdeen. It's only an hour or two drive. (Stunningly beautiful, of course.) It's perfectly commonplace to go to Speyside ...


I reckon right in the middle for sure, too many tourists on the waterfront! http://www.homeaway.co.uk/search/italy/palermo/region:3310/keywords:Palermo+Sicily?view=m#gc=38.100708775608155:38.12832844376913:13.339869974912176:13.388321398557196:38.11451991532573:13.364095686734675:15:3310 it won't be a big deal parking your rental car.


I will go ahead and put in an official answer rather than just long comments :) 1) IMO homeaway is by far the biggest and easiest place to find 1-week gites. vrbo (not yet part of the homeaway group, unless you're reading this in the future) is second biggest 2) there is IMO no specific "longer holiday rentals (two weeks plus)" site in france/europe 3) ...


sybaris is a great one in Illinios and Indiana (i have tried it and its NICE) there is another one in perrysburg Ohio (yeah you wouldn't think) but is private (i personally haven't been in it)


Spotting fake reviews on Trip Advisor or on any review site can be easy or could be very difficult given that it is becoming widespread. The only bonus is that Trip advisor is becoming well known for this behaviour amongst the travelling community and Google etc and is/has been lambasted for such. I have recently returned from a two week holiday at an ...

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