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I believe that the room you got is specifically a service of Turkish to encourage you to connect through Istanbul. There is a general question on this at Does a layover of more than 6 hrs entitle me to accomodation by the airlines?. The answers there agree that in general, airlines don't give you free hotel rooms just because you have a layover. That said, ...


As far as I'm aware, none. Obviously I can't prove a negative, but I lived in Melbourne 2010-2013 and became quite familiar with the Japanese community and the facilities available. The Japanese community is quite small (~5,000 people), most of that essentially transient (students & working holidays), and the small expat population is shrinking now ...


Rossio / Chiado area are both very good options. And so is near Parque Eduardo VII though I have some comments here: If it's near the Rotund (Marquês), it's practicaly downtown, it's perfectly walkable. It's no longer than 10 min for Bairro Alto. You have the begining of Avenida da Liberdade right there and right after starts Rossio. You can find many ...


Through booking.com you can reliably book accommodation in most countries of the world, including several palace-hotels in Jaipur. In this case, the link is for Hotel Rambagh Palace, in Jaipur.


Apparently there are hotels that encourage and even make fun of it:


Yes. There are many more villages along route 13 that don't show up on Google Maps and most of them seem to have at least one guesthouse. Not all have a sign in English so it helps if you can spot the signs with the Lao word for guesthouse: ເຮືອນພັກ (hư̄an phak). The two places we stayed in so far both charged 90,000 kip for three people and no aircon but ...

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