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In general the airport staff does not automatically assist with disabled travelers. It almost always needs to be arranged through the airline on which you are traveling. It is advisable to contact the airline in advance to request wheel chair assistance, for all airports on the travelers itinerary. They will note this in your booking record and should ...


The SFO webpage on accessibility mentions two interesting bits of information. First thing is, of course, that you should inform your airline of all particular needs you might have, for them to make the necessary arrangements. Secondly, according to the afore-mentioned website, airline staff is approachable in both Domestic and International terminals: ...


Bad news. While 888 will get you the teletext subtitles in Greece, Belgium and other countries, and Austria is 777, for example, Romania is one of the few EU members to have NONE for Teletext subtitling. Source: State of subtitling access in EU report - European Federation of Hard of Hearing People (page 20).

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