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Since your parking venue in Fusina is Parcheggio custodito 24h, you probably have a simple solution, at least to solve the Blue Badge problem. Make a photocopy of your Blue Badge, and take the original and the photocopy to the car park attendant. Since the car park is staffed 24 hours per day, you can ask them to check your original and then annotate the ...


There are some paths which are deliberately maintained as Easy Going Trails and intended to be wheelchair-accessible. For the ones within the Sheffield area of the Peak District, you can send off for the council's Easy Going Trails Booklet: .


I recommend going to Creux du Van, Canton of Neuchatel, Switzerland. It is not in the Alps, but in Jura. Tt is very close to 100% sure you see an Ibex there. They normally don't flee there, cause you are standing above them on the cliff and they are at least 15 meter below you. And they know you cannot get there And the best: you can drive by car to the ...


I went to numerous museums in Venice (and Florence and Verona) last summer with a friend in a wheelchair, and she was never asked for documentation at any of them. Simply being in a wheelchair was proof enough.


An easier solution is to charge your phone in your car. You probably have a USB charging cable for your phone. Some newer cars are equipped with a powered USB port for this purpose; if not, you can get a USB adapter to plug into your car's 12V cigarette adapter. (Image credit: Markus Bärlocher via Wikimedia, public domain) Note that you probably want ...


You can rent wheelchairs, scooters and walkers in many cities in Germany on: (Note: I am one of the developers of the site, if you have any question feel free to ask :)

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