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I'm a bolivian citizen currently living in Bolivia until November 6th at which point I will join my family in Norway. The Norwegian visa application has been approved, I hold a Schengen visa (already stamped on my passport) to enter Norway and I am supposed to stop by the authorities having jurisdiction in Norway to get the permanent visa stamped on my passport upon arrival.

I will arrive to the UK via Heathrow and will be in transit for 2 hours before I board my flight to Oslo on the same day.

I also have a 10-year tourist visa to the US. Will I need a visa to pass through the UK? If so, which one?

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According to the UK Border Agency, you do need an "airside transit" visa. It appears that this will require a visit to the British Embassy in La Paz, mailing your passport to Brazil, and paying a fee of US$86.

You might want to consider a flight which transits through a Schengen country instead.

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+1, also for the "Do you need a visa to come to the UK?" tool. Surprisingly clear and useful. – Jonik Oct 2 '12 at 5:41

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