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I am looking for a flight search engine that includes a luggage calculator in the price. I recently booked a trip and had the choice between two carriers at the time, and not feeling very stupid I chose the cheaper one.

The crux is that after I had paid I found out that the more expensive airline had vastly different rules for baggage. In fact it allowed twice the amount of baggage without extra charge.

After having found the price for extra luggage very extreme I had already decided I will send the extra baggage as separate freight, because the speed is not important. But of course had I known this from the start I could have saved myself a lot of work and money.

I am aware that this information can be found on respective carrier website, but even within a single company it can differ from route to route. Would be handy if I didn't have to try and calculate it all myself.

So my question is simply, is there any flight search engine/price comparison site where I can also enter my total baggage needs to have it included in the price comparison between carriers?

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Sort of. You could use FlightFox which allows you to specify your terms (date, cities, etc) and one of the options is whether or not you have baggage. It's up to the experts on the site then to find you the cheapest WITH baggage.

I did this recently for several flights around NZ/Aus, where there are airlines like Virgin or Jetstar, all of whom charge extra for baggage, so look cheap at first. Each of the experts that submitted flights to me all correctly took this into account, and specified that they'd done so. So it seems pretty reliable. Of course, being done by humans and not computer, caveat emptor and all that, you should still double check yourself.

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Well then, FlightFox it is! I need to remember to remember to post a new answer to this in the future when someone does include this feature in a regular search engine heh :D –  Alendri Oct 3 '12 at 18:52

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