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I know that with airline alliances and partnerships, you can credit flights on one airline in the alliance/partnership to a frequent traveller program of another. Does the same thing apply for travel with RailTeam, which is the partnership of several European high speed rail operators?

I know that if you have suitable status on one RailTeam member (Eurostar, SNCF/TGV, DB or Thalys) that you can get lounge access when travelling on another in the partnership, so at least some airline-like things apply. What I'm not sure is if I can travel on one RailTeam member, and credit the points to the program of another? Their frequent traveller page doesn't seem to say.

(In case it matters, I'm a member of the Eurostar program, and I'm wondering about credit for some TGV journeys I've got coming up)

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You can credit most TGV travels (to/from England, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland) on the SNCF Voyageur traveler program, that's for sure, I read it in the conditions, each euro being worth 4 SNCF Voyageur points, plus one status point. It applies only if either departure or arrival is in France, though.

But I don't think there is any compatibility with other Railteam members (no occurence of the word Railteam in the conditions)

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