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I will be traveling to Israel soon and am concerned because some colleagues have suggested that the visa stamps in my passport from the United Arab Emirates (eg Dubai) might cause me difficulties on arrival.

Is this something I should be worried about? And if so, any practical solutions?

(Related: Will an Iranian or Kuwaiti visa or stamp in my passport pose a problem on a future visit to Israel?)

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from my understanding, not. The problem is only happens if you are doing it the other way around. That's why usually people asks the Israeli Immigration to stamp the Visa on the separate paper. –  Rudy Gunawan Sep 10 '12 at 7:21

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It didn't stop me, I got a grilling about the contents of my passport when I traveled for business in February.

The people doing the checks were El Al staff, before departing LHR. They asked me about stamps for Egypt x2 (from the beginning of the civil unrest), Jordan, UAE, Turkey, Morocco and a trip to Lyon, France (though I suspect that was to get a baseline). The whole process took about 45 min plus another 45 min for a search at the gate. Then no questions asked at customs - they stamped my boarding pass as I requested and let me in.

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