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I just heard on the radio of an app, that where seat guru evaluates the seat in an airplane, they give hotel evaluations on individual rooms. This app would tell you for example when you would not sleep in a specific hotel room because of the constant elevator movements.

I was driving in very dense traffic, so I could not note its name. So I know it exists, but I completely forgot its name.

Does anyone know about which app I am talking?

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I think you mean Room 77 app...

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Tripadvisor hotel Reviews are actually quite good for this. While not exhaustive, the 'tips' section is invaluable in pointing out it, for example, one side of the hotel will have excessive noise from a nearby highway. Additionally, user submitted photos are fairly good for checking out the layout/furnishing of various room offerings to catch hidden dealbreakers like a cramped bathroom or lack of a work desk.

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