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(I'm asking this question on behalf of a friend.)

My friend wants to go travelling around Europe and she has a Singaporean passport. Now, Singaporean passport holders don't need a Schengen visa in advance (as far as I know) as long as their stay is less than 90 days. However, she also wanted to work during the trip (teaching / bartending, etc) to support herself during the trip. Is that allowed, or does it require a working holiday visa? If it does require a working holiday visa, is there a common one that (like the standard Schengen tourist/business visa) or must one be obtained individually from each country in the itinerary?

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First, in Europe (at least in France) you need specific visa to work, such as the Work & Holiday visa.

As for the possibility to travel and work in other Schengen countries while holding a Work & Holiday visa, it seems that it's not allowed, according to this page (in French).

To be precise, Schengen countries offer more freedom to other Schengen countries' citizens only. For other people like your friend, you have to individually check each country's policies. But from what I imagine, your friend can get a Work & Holiday visa in one country and visit the rest (if Singaporean only need a passport to visit a country).

A good idea would then be to pick a country either where salary is good or a central country from which it is easy to travel around.

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