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So as I hope you all know, the Hajj is a religious pilgrimage that Islam requests all its believers to participate in at least once in their lifetime if possible.

Now I know that there have been many incidents such as stampedes where lots of people have died during the Hajj, but this applies to everybody no matter their ethnic origins. It's just hard to maintain perfect safety with so many millions of people.

But I have also heard or read of Western "tourists" getting into trouble there. Of course non Muslims are not allowed to go to participate in the Hajj, to go to Mecca at all, and it's very difficult for them even to get into the country. But people have done it anyway and I recall the story of a German man in disguise in a woman's burqa that the crowd found out to be a non-Muslim and killed him.

This makes me think it would not be easy to be somebody obviously from a part of the word not majority Muslim in the midst of the crowd there. But there are very many people who have converted to Islam all over the word and they are still of course asked to participate in the Hajj in their lifetime too.

But is it safe to be a "westerner" at the Hajj even if you're a devout Muslim? Have their been incidents? Should you try to look "as Muslim as possible"? How should a Muslim convert from a Christian (etc) country dress / act / behave to make the pilgrimage as safe as possible?

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Is this an activity that travellers are more likely to do than non-travellers? Is this asking for information that non-travellers would know about, but travellers wouldn't know about? –  Andrew Grimm Aug 18 '12 at 10:59
@AndrewGrimm: It's pretty hard to go on a pilgrimage without travelling. –  hippietrail Aug 18 '12 at 15:18
Do you have a link to this story of a German man being killed? All I can find is this, which only described somebody being arrested: english.alarabiya.net/en/special-reports/hajj-2012/2012/10/23/… –  jpatokal Sep 4 '13 at 4:12
@jpatokal: Well to repeat myself from a year ago: 4. that I couldn't fit in my previous comment is that I Googled for a reference to the story of the German tourist killed for being a non muslim and couldn't find anything, so it could well be apocryphal ... or it could just be too old and obscure to be easily found on the net. –  hippietrail Sep 4 '13 at 4:41

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I was raised and spend 18 years of my life in Madinah which is the second holy city for Muslims and it is so close to Makkah (A.K.A. Mecca). These two cities have similar rules and mostly all pilgrims visit Madinah either before or after Hajj so I am answering this out of personal experience and observation and not influenced by the western media.

Short Answer
It is very safe.


Long Answer
The point of Hajj is to unite Muslims and put them in the same level, poor and rich, white and black, king and janitor.. etc hence people in Hajj are to wear the same simple clothes and go to the same places all together. In other words the major point of Hajj is to remove racism! so no way that a pilgrim would harm any other pilgrim according to his/her race during Hajj!! That would be against the main reason of Hajj.


As you can see in the photo above, more than two million Muslims from all over the worlds are there at the same time. Do you think they would have gathered if it isn't safe?? and FYI, if performing any Islamic worship might harm you by any mean, then you are not required to perform it.

Also, In Madinah there is the Islamic University and there are many Muslims from the west and some of them used to live in the same neighborhood where I lived and I do not recall any problems happened to them. Actually if any one comes to Mecca or Madinah he/she will be surprised to see that people from all over the world are everywhere (like in time's square). Any way local people in Mecca and Madinah are used to seeing people from all countries and they do not even pay attention to either westerners or easterners!

Regarding safety of westerners in Saudi Arabia in General (Mecca is part of Saudi, So the safety of SA reflects on the safety of Mecca) it is safe otherwise there wouldn't be many westerners here. I am aware of some problems in the past but that was general problem to all people not to westerners only but the western media concentrated on the western victims so some think the problems are after westerners only. FYI, there are many westerners where I work and I never heard them complaining about safety. One more thing, crime rate is low in Saudi Arabia.

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Do men wear the same clothes as women? –  Andrew Grimm Aug 18 '12 at 11:02
@AndrewGrimm No, but women will wear a simple white dress and cover their heads while men don't. –  MeNoTalk Aug 18 '12 at 11:06
1. "Do you think they would have gathered if it isn't safe??" Yes I do thin they would if it's a part of their religion and they are devout. There's plenty of instances of trampling and stampeding where hundreds of people or even more have been killed. 2. I wasn't asking about safety in general in SA or Mecca, I expect it's much safer than my home or where I am now! I'm only asking about during the Hajj. 3. I can't recall ever seeing or hearing a report of such a Hajj tragedy in the Western media that even mentioned western victims at all. –  hippietrail Aug 18 '12 at 15:26
1. Not really, if you are worried about your own safety in Islam you are not required to perform Hajj.. so safety is a must or else no hajj. 2. Mecca is part of SA, So safety of SA reflects the safety of Mecca. 3. I was talking about the attacks in SA in General. Any way there was a terror attack in 1989 if i recall correctly by Shia radicals in during Hajj. Another attack was in 1979.. –  MeNoTalk Aug 18 '12 at 15:35
Thanks. All good points though I can think of many examples of dangerous places within otherwise safe countries so I don't think "safety of country X reflects the safety of city Y" is a sound generalization. My point 4. that I couldn't fit in my previous comment is that I Googled for a reference to the story of the German tourist killed for being a non muslim and couldn't find anything, so it could well be apocryphal ... or it could just be too old and obscure to be easily found on the net. –  hippietrail Aug 18 '12 at 16:27

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