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Do all airlines have a standard policy on pregnant women flying with them? I know of Qantas's policies, but would I have to check every other airline to verify they're all the same?

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I did a bit of digging and found that the guidelines for airlines vary wildly so need to be checked on a per-airline basis.

A non-representative sample for single pregnancies (multiples are different again):

  • Qantas: Medical certificate with specific information required after 28 weeks, and travel allowed up to week 36 (four hour or longer flight) or week 40 (less than four hours).
  • Korean Air: Medical certificate issued within 72 hours of departure required after 32 weeks, and travel allowed up to week 36.
  • Air Canada: Travel allowed up to week 36. No medical certificate requirements.
  • Southwest: Travel allowed up to week 38. No medical certificate requirements.
  • Porter Airlines: Medical certificate issued within 24 hours required after 36 weeks, and travel allowed up to 38 weeks.
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