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It's been my experience that "twin" sized beds in Japanese hotels are quite a bit bigger than what we would call "twin" here in the US. How wide/long are they exactly?

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I was very confused by this question, until I found on Wiki: "What is referred to as a "single bed" in many parts of the world is known in U.S. terminology as a "twin bed". In some countries, a "twin bed" may also be used to describe one of two single beds in the same room." – Mark Mayo Jul 12 '12 at 22:20

I think you'll find this chart of bed sizes to be just what you need.

  • North America: 39in × 75in (0.99 m × 1.91 m)
  • Japan: 38in × 77in (0.97 m × 1.95 m)

Which would seem to indicate you're perhaps mistaken in your experience, unless they have a different custom size that you've been experiencing.

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