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Are there any (backpacker) hostels in Pärnu, the "summer capital" of Estonia? If not, how about cozy B&Bs or guesthouses... or well, anything other than big hotel / spa complexes?

I'm more interested in the social vibe etc of backpacker places rather than solely budget lodging, but while at it, does anyone know what's the general price level for a room/bed in Pärnu (budget / midrange; nothing fancy)?

Wikitravel is not very generous when it comes to Pärnu accommodation. But there should be something for backpackers in the city, according to sites like anyways... :-)

Pärnu has something for everybody - families, backpackers, youngsters, romantic couples, sports enthusiasts, people interested in culture and art - you name it! There’s always a reason to revisit Pärnu.

Also, at the height of the summer, can you generally find any place to stay in Pärnu without reserving a long time beforehand?

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Of course there is!

Hostelbookers currently lists three properties for Parnu. A hostel, a guesthouse and a motel.

Surprisingly (they normally overlap), Hostelworld has three different properties - a guesthouse, campsite and hostel.

Hopefully some of those appeal, although they don't appear terribly big, so it'd pay to book in advance. Hostelbookers also appears to have a summer sale on at present.

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