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I am looking for a place to stay in Stockholm. Question is, where should I look?

I want to be near enough to the University (in Kista) to study yet near enough to the inner city to go out and stuff. So, does anybody know if it is practical to look for a place in say Sundbyberg and travel in both directions by Tunnelbana?

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Yeah, the commute looks ok to me.

The Stockholm Journey Planner gives travel times of about 19-23 minutes from Sundbyberg.

enter image description here

I used Sundbyberg centrum and Isafjordsgatan 39 (where SU's DSV is located, with other universities like KTH very close by). Try it for yourself using the exact address of your campus.

In fact, we're talking of a distance of about 6 kilometers, so your best bet—at least when it's warm outside—may well be bicycle. (Most likely it's less than 6 km by bike, as I imagine you can cut through the forests/fields near Ursvik.) If you're going to be studying there for a while, buying a cheap bike makes sense.

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