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I'm an Australian citizen and visited Armenia by the land border with Georgia in August or September 2010.

At that time I just paid a few dollars, at the somewhat chaotic border crossing and got a full-page visa in my passport.

But when I look at the Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs page on visas they seem to mostly focus on the new e-visas, which I don't believe existed at the time of my previous visit.

So can I still arrive at the border without an e-visa and if so will it affect the length of time I can stay or the amount of the fee I must pay?

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Not really important, but I got an e-visa on my visit to Armenia in 2003. They've been around for a while. – Byron Schmuland Mar 9 '14 at 12:10
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Mileage varies related to the traveler's nationality, but I entered Armenia from Georgia just three weeks ago and got a 6 euro visa at the border without any problems. I was traveling on a Dutch passport. Danes and Germans crossing the border at the same time as me also easily got their visa at the border for the low price of 6 euros. The visa fee was payable in Armenian currency only. No ATMs were available, but a change machine was.

I was asked how long i wanted to stay, said about two weeks and got 20 days. I feel I could have gotten longer if I'd ask.

The crossing might have been at Bagramashen, but I'm not totally sure anymore. I took a regular marshrutka from Tbilisi train station to Yerevan.

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Thanks. Do you recall how long your visa was good for, and which border crossing you used? (Add them to your answer rather than a comment.) – hippietrail Jun 24 '12 at 19:40

I believe It's available ($10) for Australian citizens.

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Any reference as to where you got that info ? – blackbird57 Sep 29 '15 at 19:51

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