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At the moment I'm reading a book about a guy that traveled around the world for several years. He is writing about his travel experience and one thing that he mentions in almost every country is that he meets groups of Israeli travelers that take pictures of themselves in front of famous landmarks. However, they're always naked. He mentions that this weird behavior is known among the experienced travelers.

So my question is: Is it really true that Israeli traveler groups have a favor for shooting pictures naked?

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I live in Thailand and have never seen anyone naked at any of the Thai landmarks or tourist places. If they did go au natural, they would soon be arrested - it would be quite serious here.

Last year during the Song Kran (Thai New Year - a protracted celebration and 3 to 4 day water fight the whole country over - also know as "the water festival" by tourists), two Thai girls flashed their breasts and danced topless for less than 10 minutes - it was captured on video camera and posted to YouTube. Not only was the page blocked from Thailand, but the two girls were found and arrested - it was big news here.

So, I doubt that it would happen here.

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you should prove it with the link of the video!! :D ;) –  MeNoTalk Jun 14 '12 at 11:20
Can't - its been removed :( –  Wolf5370 Jun 14 '12 at 11:51

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