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I shall be going to Glasgow with my family this summer and I would like to take them on the traditional cruise "Doon the watter" (Down the river) on the Waverley steamer or similar. There are many different excursions to different parts of the clyde coast, lochs and islands, however I have never gone doon the watter before myself even though I come from Glasgow. Which tour would be recommended?

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If you are starting from Largs then I would suggest going across to Brodick, on Arran, or from Wemyss Bay to Rothesay, on Bute, as both these destinations offer not only a nice cruise, but plenty to do when you get there. They can give a great day out for all age groups - my father in law recently took my kids on the Bute day trip, and they had a great time.

If you have more time and can afford to stay over in various locations, a great cruise would take you first to Rothesay, then Tighnabruich, Tarbert and along Loch Fyne and Arran.

Check out and

Remember the weather can be exceedingly changeable, so plan for wet and sunny - waterproofs, layers and sun screen.

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