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Anyone here who has walked the Cumbria Way in the lake district in June?

Is the weather moderate? Is it recommended to pre-book B&Bs or are there enough accommodation facilities along the trip?

Looking forward to some nice tips!

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I've not done the Cumbrian Way before, so I don't know enough for a proper answer. As a general guide though, I'd say book your accommodation a bit in advance, as you don't want to get to the end of a day's walk and find you need to suddenly go another 4 miles to the next b&b! Weather might be stunning, might not, you won't know until a few days in advance... – Gagravarr Apr 28 '12 at 14:51
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It being the Lake District in June, you can expect rain, gorgeous sunshine, fog, wind, calm, hot and cold, so for the first part of your question:

  • take layers of clothing, with an outer waterproof / windproof layer
  • take a hat
  • take sun screen
  • take midge repellent

That's the UK for you - very variable :-)

For the second part - I would suggest booking B&B's, especially if the 5 day forecast is good, as the route can get very busy very fast. There is a lot of accommodation along the route, but you don't want to be stuck.

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