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Is there a ticket meta-search engine?

E.g. Skyscanner has a filter that can remove or keep the airline brands. (Un-)checkboxing them one by one is irritating.

But is there one where I can just (un-)checkbox alliances? e.g. "Star Alliance", "Sky Team", "One World", etc.

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Yes you can try Kayak! It contains an alliance filter!

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Cool! Now that saves lots of clicking... – alvas Mar 29 at 20:28
Amazing, they have payment type filters too! – alvas Mar 29 at 20:40

The ITA Matrix can do this (obviously. ITA Matrix can do everything and then some and then some more). So says the wiki:

from: BOS ::/ alliance oneworld

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Kayak has alliance filters (on the left, you can filter between carrier and alliance filters). Hipmunk also lets you filter by alliance under "airlines." Google Flights works much the same way.

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