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Soon I'll be going to New Zealand for a year and rather than taking lots of clothes I would like to buy cheap ones while there.

I've done a little research and I can't see that they have anything similar to Primark over there.

Primark is a UK clothing shop chain often described as providing "disposable fashion"/"fast fashion" - on trend designs (admittedly often of very short lifetimes) at very low costs - eg. tops costing £3 (~4.40USD) and dresses costing £8 (~11.60 USD). An outlet can be found in most towns.

Does anybody know of any cheap clothes shops like this?

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It would probably be easier to answer if you explain what "similar to Primark" means. From a quick web search, Primark seems to be an UK-based clothes retailer. I cannot imagine that NZ doesn't have clothes retailers too, but whether any of them are "similar" to the particular one you name will be difficult to answer except for someone with an intimate knowledge of both countries -- and even then it's probably a toss-up whether they can divine the particular kind of "similar" you're imagining. – Henning Makholm Mar 17 at 19:15
@HenningMakholm I think it's not too difficult to understand that "similar to Primark" means "fast fashion" - even if one has never been to a Primark. H&M, Uniqlo, and Zara are some of the better-known similar brands. See – davidvc Mar 17 at 19:49
@davidvc: I have no idea what "fast fashion" means either. – Henning Makholm Mar 17 at 19:50
Also, if you want cheap cheap, you can go browse OpShops (second hand clothing) – Nunser Mar 17 at 23:08
@HenningMakholm & O.R.Mapper Apparently, you don't know anything about the topic of the question. It's not bad, just ignore it, like you would a question about visa for a country you know anything about or some activity you didn't even know existed... – Relaxed Mar 18 at 6:03
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I'm not familiar with Primark, but in New Zealand you can find inexpensive clothing at The Warehouse, Kmart, possibly Farmers, and probably others.

In general, goods available in New Zealand will not be as cheap as you might be accustomed to. There are many reasons for this (not the least of which is NZ is a small, remote market), but it all adds up to higher prices.

The Warehouse can be found in most major towns in New Zealand.

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The 3 shops you mentioned are probably the closest equivalent to Primark in NZ – EdmundYeung99 Mar 17 at 20:22
+1 for the warehouse, cheapest prices of the lot... Quality on the other hand... – RemarkLima Mar 18 at 10:42

I am a Brit that lives in NZ, and I can tell you there is nothing quite like Primark.

The closest would be The Warehouse or kMart, (Farmers is more expensive than both, but quality and range is larger). However, these still aren't as cheap, the range is a lot smaller, (given that clothing is only a small part of what they offer) and the quality isn't the same.

In all honesty, whenever I have made a trip back to the UK I have actually stocked up on clothes from Primark, there really is no true comparison, I would suggest the you do the same if you can.

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As of today (March 17, 2016), there are no H&M, Zara, Primark, or Uniqlo stores in NZ.

There is one Topshop, though, at 203 Queen St, Auckland, and H&M will be opening an Auckland location in 2016, too.

Maybe the Google search for [new zealand fast fashion chain] will yield more useful information. You can also check Wikipedia's list of fast fashion brands to identify similar types of store, and then consult individual chains' websites.

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There's some very handy information in this post that I was not aware of, Thanks! – kmil Mar 17 at 22:05
I would say that Topshop, H&M etc are "similar" to Hallensteins, Glassons, Jay Jays, Just Jeans. Generally a step pricier than The Warehouse but good options, especially when there are sales, and usually better quality – EdmundYeung99 Mar 18 at 6:48

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