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I currently spend a while outside my hometown and many people advise me to get my ticket for spending my vacation a month in advance, but I don't want to keep looking each day. Is there an online service that help me to get cheap flight and subscribe to it, so I can get email notification?

If not what do you suggest to get cheap flight from Europe to Central America?

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Travelocity has fare alerts. Not sure about Europe to Central America though. – Karlson Apr 1 '12 at 20:25
up vote 6 down vote accepted does that. When you do the search, one of the options is to subscribe for updates for the route and dates you've selected, and they'll email you when the prices change.

share|improve this answer uses Kayak's alerts for flights and hotels before you travel, but also tracks potential refunds after you buy. also has fare alerts for specific city pairs. However, with the redesign of their site, I'm not sure how to set them up.

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