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I'm going to Hong Kong for Easter this year and I needed some packing advice. Do clubs in Hong Kong have a dress code, if any? What I mean by this is for, say, many clubs in London (and here I mean the drinking and dancing type) require 'proper' shoes/shirts. (Which isn't necessarily true for clubs in other cities in England.) The reason I need to know is because I usually travel only with cabin luggage, but if I need to carry additional clothes then I might have to go with a larger piece of luggage and have to check it in.

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While sites like Wikitravel don't seem to help too much in this case, fortunately we can look at anecdotal evidence and quotes on VirtualTourist pages like these.

Quotes from these pages for a selection of clubs:

"Dress Code: No jeans or sneakers/trainers, must be very fashionable."

"Dress Code: No Jeans , shorts, or flip flops !!!!"

"Dress Code: Just don't look like a COPLETE MUPPET !!" (sic)

"Dress Code: Dress to kill, place is Ultra HIP !!!!!"

"Dress Code: Casual Chic, everyone's an expat or a chuppie (chinese yuppie) over here."

"Dress Code: Dress like a rich hobbit. The place here is small and the food/drinks come at a price."

"Dress Code: Trendy and stylish "

"Dress Code: I dont know that there is a dress code but we did have proper evening attire on and fit right in."

"Dress Code: Your with the movers and shakers of the Hong Kong world !!!!! Dress to Impress is the word !!!!!"

"Dress Code: Cool lounge wear - jeans are fine, flip flops are not noticeable but dress cool"

So it sounds like for a lot of them, smart-casual is the plan, and given there's some suggestion of style and smartening-up, personally I'd pack town shoes.

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One of my friend was rejected because he tried to enter a club dress formal after work. – Rudy Gunawan Mar 28 '12 at 4:00
Hmm, so wearing jeans is starting to sound like a risky plan. :/ – Ankur Banerjee Mar 28 '12 at 8:52
I'd hunt around on that site and look at some of the bars - you may find some that look appealing that have a more relaxed code. Or even just ask people when you get there where they'd recommend. If backpackers can still go out in town, there must be some place ;) – Mark Mayo Mar 28 '12 at 10:33

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