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Do you guys know if there is passport control and stamp when flying from Romania to Milan-Italy?

I would like to know that because I need to get my passport stamped in Italy.

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Romania has not yet been integrated into the Schengen border-control-free travel area, so there will be passport control between Romania and Italy.


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Yes, you have to go through immigration and passport control when flying from Romania to Italy, but your passport will only be stamped if your are a non-EU/EEA citizen. If you e.g. have a Romanian passport, your passport will not be stamped when entering Italy.

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Note that this answer might be misunderstood. Romanian citizens are not necessarily required to have a passport to enter Italy, a national ID card is sufficient. – vsz Feb 4 at 7:13
@vsz I am not sure why that should be misunderstood. It is also not relevant to the question asked, wether Romanian citizens can use their national id card as a travel document when entering Italy. – Tor-Einar Jarnbjo Feb 4 at 12:34
People might get the idea that the passports are mandatory. – vsz Feb 4 at 12:55
@vsz for non-EU/EEA citizens, passports are mandatory. (I presume the OP is a non-EU/EEA citizen because of the requirement to have a passport stamp.) – phoog Feb 4 at 15:32
@phoog : you are right, nowhere in the question says the OP is a Romanian citizen, just that the flight starts in Romania. From all we know the OP might have started the journey literally anywhere. But still, "If you e.g. have a Romanian passport, your passport will not be stamped when entering Italy." might give the impression that Romanian citizens are required to have a passport to enter Italy. – vsz Feb 4 at 16:18

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