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When the Ring Rail Line to Helsinki-Vantaa Int'l Airport opened in July 2015, the Airport station wasn't ready yet and passengers had to be bussed in from the nearest station. Even when the station opened a few months later, the exit connecting to the terminal wasn't opened, so you had to keep using the bus or hike a good 500 meters to the exit at the "wrong" end.

The direct connection was supposed to open in "early 2016". It's now January, is it open yet?

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Yes, it's open! The escalator between the terminal and the station is still not ready (latest estimate "spring 2016"), but on December 18 they at least opened two elevators that connect directly from the walkway between T1/T2 to the station.

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Excellent news! I suppose you won't be in Australia in the following weeks then. – JoErNanO Jan 10 at 3:48
Awesome! I was searching that few days ago. – Ulkoma Jan 10 at 9:17
I believe I got an e-mail from Veturi some time ago that advertised that the escalators are now open, too. I’m a little bit far away from Helsinki to check myself but maybe you can confirm and expand? ;) – Jan Jun 17 at 21:48
@Jan I live in Australia, so I'm probably a little bit further away than you are :P – jpatokal Jun 18 at 3:20
Damnit, there I was assuming you be close just because you provided this self-answer xD – Jan Jun 18 at 12:14

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