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Can anyone identify the location of this image?

Unknown Location Image

A few websites claim that it is from Neil Island in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands of India. But it is not correct as far as I know. None of my friends who visited Neil Island recollect seeing such a place there.

Replies with proofs (i.e. without guess-work like "It could be xyz..." ) like similar photographs taken or with lat-long coordinates will be extremely helpful.

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It looks staggeringly photoshopped, but we'll be generous and assume that i's just tropical lighting and some generous levels/saturation tweaking. – CMaster Jan 6 at 9:33
The pieces are real, but the colors have definitely been "enhanced". – Tom Jan 6 at 9:54
I got the picture from an advertisement on a travel agency's website. That should explain the colors ;-) – ModerateAdmin Jan 6 at 11:41
Hm... Lost s01e01? :D – Everton Agner Jan 6 at 17:31
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Railay Beach area in Krabi Province, Thailand. The karst outcroppings are at the south end of "sunset" beach.

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Headbang moment. Limestone Karst outcrops - How did I miss them? Thanks Tom – ModerateAdmin Jan 6 at 8:53
Here's the image, with location, on Shutterstock:… (Found with TinEye) – alexwlchan Jan 6 at 12:10
+1 Here's a page of a local resort with two near-identical shots from slightly different angles (confirming it's not just one mislabeled photo) – user568458 Jan 6 at 21:34

It reminded me of the classic Halong Bay shots.
Google image search included "Neil Island" in the search box.
Replacing that with "Halong" gave several appropriate hits including this 1440 x 900 version correctly identifying it as Railay beach - as Tom has already advised.

Also here at 1440 x 810

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