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Is it possible to take photos of Umaid Bhawan Palace premises if you are not a guest of the hotel? I am mainly interested in taking photos of the back garden with the pavilion and bird-view photos of the lobby.

I tried sending an email to the manager but she didn't respond to it.

[I had this question written and meant to ask it a few weeks ago but forgot. Since I have the answer now, I decided to ask it and answer myself in case anyone needs an answer to the same question.]

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Yes, the restaurant and bar are open to the public and there are plenty of camera-toting tourists around. Rather low-quality proof attached:

enter image description here

But I'd recommend stopping for a meal or drink. It's not cheap by Indian standards (I vaguely recall paying well north of Rs500 for a curry and a Kingfisher), but it's probably worth it -- it's not every day that you get to visit an actual maharajah's palace, after all. The outdoor seating in the restaurant has great views of the back garden.

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